Holiday Lane



If your feeling like getting a head start on your Halloween holiday card making...may I HIGHLY suggest the Nightfall Collection from American Crafts! This vintage, non scary, super cute collection encompasses all things Halloween.  With the colors being on the more traditional side, with the added splash of a light pastel watered down Tiffany blue this collection is far from traditional.  With the addition of round fluffy clouds, and ribbon like handwriting, this collection has that kitchy feel that we all love so much.   Foxes in masks, Ghosts hanging with jack-o-lanterns, and bunnies in capes, this collection has got to be one of the cutest things I have obsessed over in a long time (not since AC's Dear Lizzy Christmas collection)I recently went hog wild and purchased almost everything from this collection off of  I think, in stock, they has 18 items that were part of the collection.  As far as i know there is no collection pack, but single sheets plus embellishments.  

Also a note about this collection.  The collection shares the same name with American Crafts fall/harvest collection.  It very much has the same feel as the Halloween part of the collection.  AC also released a set of chalk papers to add to this collection.  I have purchased one and have not yet tried it (frankly it will be an experiment for me lol).  I am in love with this collection and plan on using it for almost ALL of my Halloween cards, LO's and decor!  

Here are a few things from the collection that are some of my faves!!

Here are some of the papers.....

Did I mention the THICKERS?!?!

Here are the embellishments

And last but not of two stamp sets....

AC='s love :)


  1. That is a super cute collection. Love the stamps!