50's anyone?
Thursday, September 8, 2011

About  2 months ago I was on the hunt.  I was on the hunt on YouTube for "how to make a pill box hat" for a 50's themed wedding I was attending. I typed those 7 words into the search bar and a video popped up.  A young lady named Brenda went through all of the steps on how to create this retro accessory.  I decided to venture onto her website and saw her amazing deals!!! I then decided, I would rather have an expert do it than me trying to sew and coming out with something that looked NOTHING of what I was going for.

I wrote her an email and told her what colors I was wearing and wondered if she could customize it and add birdcage veiling.  She did! Brenda's service and speediness on replying to my email demands will definitely make me a returning customer!!!!  For about $30-$40 you can have this handmade if your in the mood for some 50's chic, or a recent fashion trend of these flash back goodies, go check her out! 

Heres a look at what my hat looked like....